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SUMMERVILLE MASSAGE | Just another WordPress site


Welcome to the Summerville massage Located in Pyrmont close to Sydney’s central business district and only three minutes away from the casino. We provide remedied massage, relaxation massage, full body oil massage and Thai massage. We have four masseuses every day. We are open seven days from 10am until 8pm(last appointment). Come and visit us, you will enjoy luxurious surroundings, excellent service and professional massage. We have a friendly and family like atmosphere.

Our rooms are clean and air-conditioning, designed for a luxurious and peaceful atmosphere. For each we provide new disposable sheets, high class fixed massage tables, and hot towels . Shower room is available to make your stay more pleasant. We use quality massage oils. You will experience a fantastic professional massage in our quiet and private room with low lighting and relaxing classical music. We also have customer lounge with complimentary tea and coffee.

Every day we have four masseuses from different countries across Asia offering you variable of professional massage. These young ladies undergo rigorous training. They are beautiful, sweet, and angelic, dressing in elegant clothes. They always have a soft smile on their faces. We can guarantee to provide you with the high quality professional massage, releasing your stress after your hard work. We also offer double massage for the extra level of attention (Bookings required).

We are located at 169 Harris Street Pyrmont (near to Union Square and Pyrmont Bridge Road) . Summerville Massage is a short walk from the CBD and just 3 minutes by foot from the Casino. On street parking is usually available. Call us for immediate entry from Little Mount Street. The number is by the mailbox. There is also parking in Little Mount Street.



  • 30 mins
  • 45 mins
  • 60 mins
  • 90 mins
  • Double Massage - 60 mins

*Doubles must be booked 2 hours before coming

*Out-call available for a minimum of 2 hours booking